Breed Details


51-57 cm / 18-30 KG
dog; 53-56 cm / bitch; 51-53 cm
GROOMING:          Demanding
required grooming 1-3 times a week

EXERCISE:           Active
exercise needed on a regular basis

TEMPERAMENT:           Cheerful
loyal and intelligent with no signs of nervousness or aggression 
making the perfect family pet or companion


The Bearded Collie 
has converted well from their original role as a working farm dog to making a superb companion or family friend.
Hence the reason for the Bearded Collies enormous increase in popularity over the last three dacades.
The Bearded Collie can make the toughest heart melt with his soft expression, playful character and great Beardie charisma.
They are eaisily trained with a committed owner, and have a thirst to learn what is expected of them from an early age,
the Bearded Collie is eager to please.
They are a people dog and have a great loyalty to their owners may it be a companion friend, working dog, family pet or any 'other'.
This breed would not work well left in the back yard purely as a guard dog or left with little social or training activity,
Bearded Collies are extremely intelligent and highly energetic and require a high level of mental and physical stimulation.
If you are considering making a Bearded Collie apart of your lives and are committed to a long term friend, 
be prepared to be apsolutely delighted.

The Bearded Collie moves with athletic grace, smooth and supple with minimum of effort on their legs and feet which,
like their whole body are covered with a strong shaggy coat underlaid by a soft, close undercoat.
Their coats take 2-4 years to reach their full length and go through coat changes during these years, while their puppy coat is dark,
their first coat change is soft and a lightens in colour and a Bearded Collies adult coat grows harsh,
strong and flat which darkens in colour.The coat is a double coat, with a soft fur and close undercoat.
Bearded Collies have a very long coat which requires a lot of attention and grooming.

Their coats take much attention and grooming during their first years especially, though do become easier to maintain as they grow. 
Bearded Collies need to be brushed thoroughly 1-3 times a week or clipped on a regular basis, or their beautiful coats will mat.
The ideal height of a male Bearded Collie is 53-57 cms, and females 51-54 cms, although some are getting slightly taller in the Breed.

They come in colours of Slate, Fawn, Black, Blue, Brown most often with white markings.
The average Bearded Collie weighs between 18-27 kg and the average lie span 12-15 years.

The Bearded Collie has a friendly, confident and loyal nature. 
They are devoted to their owners, making the perfect family pet or companion.



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